Ljubljana Pictures

Slowly but surely.  That's how I'm going to add pictures.  Let's start with the first day of my fall break trip.

This was Halloween in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  It was rainy and cold, but that didn't stop us from sightseeing.  We saw a castle, an underground bar full of skeletons, drank hot wine, crossed some bridges, and saw the awesome neighborhood that housed the prison we'd stay at a few days later.

The pictures reminded me of something I need to bring up, though.  There seems to be a tradition around here of using a padlock to symbolize love.  A couple writes their name on it, locks it to something significant, and throws away the key.  It sounds very romantic because it shows how confident they are that their love will last forever.

My issue is with those who choose combination locks.  No key?  How does that show anything?  "I love you so much that we should put a lock on here so that everyone knows!"

Uncomfortably, he answers, "Um, okay, but can we use a combination lock?"

"What are you trying to say?" she replies, with a frown on her face.

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Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go buy a combination lock.  I'll need to make sure I memorize the numbers, you know, just in case.