So That's What That Is

There's a lady here in Békéscsaba who I give private English lessons to.  She's also a tour guide, and today she needed practice for a tour that she's going to give in English.  It was perfect for both of us.

Do you ever walk by something everyday and not know what it is?

I do.

If you say you don't, perhaps you should go on tour of your own town.

My favorie part went a little like this:
Tour Guide:  "Do you know what the statue is on top of the fountain?"
Me:  "Um, it looks like a little girl walking."
Tour Guide:  "No, it is an angel.  But she is...what do you call it when you have drank too much alcohol."
Me:  "Drunk."
Tour Guide:  "Yes, drunk!  We call it the Drunken Angel fountain."
Me:  "Hmm, I've never heard an angel described that way.  I think that's my new favorite fountain."

There were, however, plenty of other things that didn't have to do with intoxicated deities.  Maybe I can take some pictures of things and show you around Békéscsaba.  I'll only do that if you agree to come visit!  The Drunken Angel fountain is best viewed in person.  Just don't expect water.  She must have consumed it all.

Suddenly, the demand for my English language skills has sky rocketed.  I've been asked to correct a translated version of a speech by the school director and proofread a paper written by the daughter of one of my colleagues.  This is the part where I begin to wonder if I could sneak in ironic little phrases without anyone noticing...

Plus, my English language knowledge has given me some exciting plans for the evening.  Have you ever wondered if there's anything worse than doing homework?  There is.  Grading homework.  Right now, I wouldn't recommend being a teacher.

I think I'll become a sculptor who specializes in drunken angels.  I'd probably be the only one.

Hungarian phrase of the day (thanks to my loyal Hungarian readers):  Például (pronounced like pail, and then dowel).  You gessed it, it means the topic of yesterdays post "For Example or For Instance".