Return Of The Lángos

Remember langos, the deep-fried Hungarian bread?  If you didn't see my first experience with it, you need to read Talk to the Lángos.  It wasn't quite what I hoped, but I've been getting a craving to try it again.

One of my loyal Hungarian readers shared the following YouTube video with me.  It shows the process of making the bread (which I hadn't seen), and the finished product ready to be eaten.  You'll have to use your imagination to top it with lard, cheese, sour cream, and any other artery clogging condiments.

On another note, having a mustache is very popular in Hungary (as demonstrated here).  I'm lacking in the itchy hairs of the upper lip, and maybe I need to remedy that.  Perhaps that's the reason I didn't enjoy this food the first time.  Lesson learned.